Capitol Building Rededicated


    By Ashley Evanson

    Led by First Lady Mary Kay Huntsman, children all across the state of Utah chimed bells in unison for the celebration of the rededication of the State Capitol Friday.

    After 100 months of planning and construction, the Capitol is newly restored and able to withstand seismic destruction.

    “It includes 285 base isolators upon which the Capitol now safely sits, and hundreds of miles of wire, making this Capitol one of the most technologically advanced buildings in the United States,” said lead architect David Hart at the rededication.

    Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. spoke at this historic occasion on the Capitol”s history and the importance of preserving a landmark that represents the people of Utah.

    “Today, our capitol is not only retrofitted to withstand an earthquake, remodeled to make government more efficient and refurbished to erase the effects of time,” Huntsman said at the ceremony, “but it is also completed esthetically, based on the vision and planning of our forbearers.”

    The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was one of many choirs who heralded in the new year and the re-opening of the newly rededicated building.

    This week the Capitol will host lectures on different aspects of the restoration, activities for children and guided tours free to the public. For more information visit

    Capitol Tours

    Monday: Seismic updates

    Tuesday: Senate

    Wednesday: House

    Thursday: Supreme Court

    Friday: Art

    Saturday: Capitol Discovery Day

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