“Spires of Stone” Puts Shakespearian Twist on Salt Lake Temple Story


    By Alex Ingersoll

    “Spires of Stone,” a new novel by Annette Lyon, combines a Shakespearian twist with the backdrop of the Salt Lake Temple construction.

    The story is set in 1860s Utah with two families with young adult children involved in a romantic triangle. The story is set to a theme of Shakespeare”s “Much Ado About Nothing,” and promises the reader a “delightful romp through 1860s Utah — full of humor, misunderstandings, lessons learned, betrayal and ultimately, forgiveness,” according to a news release.

    Although “Spires of Stone” is of the historical novel genre, Lyon said readers will be more entertained than if they were reading a regular history book.

    “It”s fun and it”s funny,” Lyon said. “A lot of reviewers have told me they”ve been pleasantly surprised that the history takes a backseat to the story.”

    While Lyon”s first two novels are the contemporary romances, she said she has really enjoyed her historical writing.

    “It”s where I found my niche and the kind of writing I have come to love,” Lyon said.

    Her first historical novel, “House on the Hill,” tells a story centered on the Logan Temple. Lyon said her inspiration came from her father, who is from the Logan area.

    “My father grew up in Cache Valley, so I”ve always loved the area,” Lyon said. Her second historical novel, “At the Journey”s End,” features Utah”s St. George Temple.

    Lyon said the writing bug hit her around second grade.

    “I always wanted to be a writer and I knew I was going to major in English from as early as I can remember,” she said.

    When she became a mother, Lyon thought she wouldn”t have any time for writing, so she made a goal one week to write for 20 minutes, three days in a row. What resulted is a power she found to even out her life as a mother.

    “Writing is a great outlet,” Lyon said. “It”s a balancing thing in my life and helps me be a better mom.”

    Lyon graduated cum laude in English from BYU in 1995. In May, she was awarded as the 2007 Utah Best of State fiction medallist.

    This is the fifth book of Lyon”s, and her third historical novel set against the backdrop of an LDS Temple. Her first two novels are “Lost Without You” and “At the Water”s Edge.”

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