Caf?s Share their Tropical Flare


    By Lyndi LeSueur

    While Tahitian Noni is known for its healthy juice, it also houses a small but popular caf?.

    The Tahitian Noni Caf? is located in the company”s corporate office building in the Riverwoods Business Park in Provo.

    The caf? is island-themed to go along with the Tahitian roots of the company.

    The Provo caf? is not the only one of its kind. Tahitian Noni has 11 restaurants in five countries around the world.

    The company has restaurants in the United States, Japan, Brazil, Germany and Taiwan.

    Some restaurants are small, fast-casual cafes like the one in Provo — others are sit-down dining restaurants, such as the one in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    The small cafes are usually called Tahitian Noni Caf? whereas the sit-down restaurants are called Motu”s Tahitian Noni Island Grill.

    The first restaurant was a small caf? in Tokyo, which featured quick meals and drinks.

    Mike Olsen, the managing director for the Tahitian Noni restaurants, said the original caf? in Tokyo was kind of like Starbucks, but centered around Tahitian Noni”s leaf tea drink as opposed to coffee.

    The food in the international restaurants varies slightly from one country to another because of the cultural and taste differences, said Rich Anderson, the marketing communications manager for the restaurants.

    Although the caf? in Provo is somewhat hidden inside the Tahitian Noni building, it is popular among Tahitian Noni employees as well as the employees in nearby businesses.

    “I like it because it feels refreshing and healthy, but at the same time it”s filling,” said Paige Miller, whose mother works in a hospital near the caf?.

    The caf? is popular at lunchtime, Olsen said, and a lot of loyal customers frequent the caf?, he said.

    Olivia Aguiar, a Tahitian Noni employee in the facilities department, said she eats at the caf? a couple times a week.

    It is convenient and offers good food, Aguiar said.

    “It”s not heavy greasy food, but it”s filling,” she said.

    Andersen said he thinks the caf? is a good dating location because it offers good food for reasonable prices. He hopes it will soon gain popularity with BYU students.

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