Police Seek Junior High Student, Handgun


    By Meghan Holmberg

    Orem police are searching for a seventh-grade boy who is missing and reported in possession of his grandfather”s handgun, police said.

    A student at Summit High School reported Friday that the Cedar Hills seventh-grader had stolen his grandfather”s .25-caliber handgun and brought it to Orem Jr. High School the previous day. It was also reported that the boy and two others planned to run away, said Lt. Doug Edwards in a statement.

    The boy, who is participating in a Summit High satellite program at the junior high school, reportedly never made a threat against anyone or the school, officials said.

    Orem Junior High officials locked down the exterior doors to the school, and the Summit High satellite teachers met on the bus to question students. At the sight of the teachers, the boy and his two friends fled. The boy and the gun have not been located, police said.

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