Top Faculty, Staff Honored


    University Communications

    BYU’s most outstanding faculty and staff members were honored by President Cecil O. Samuelson during the Annual University Conference on Aug. 28.

    Kening Lu, a professor of mathematics, received the Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award. This honor, BYU’s most prestigious faculty award, is provided through the Karl G. Maeser Scholarship Society. Recipients must demonstrate clear superiority in both scholarship and teaching.

    Lu, internationally recognized as an expert in infinite-dimensional dynamical systems, will deliver the 2007 Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecture at a forum assembly on Feb. 26, 2008, in the Marriott Center.

    R. Berrey Parker, director of Benefits Services, was presented the Ben E. Lewis Management Award, while Jeanine Broxton, who recently retired from the Office of the General Counsel, received the Fred A. Schwendiman Performance Award.

    Other faculty and staff honored were:

    University Professorship Award, Abraham O. Smoot Professorship — Larry L. Howell, mechanical engineering.

    Karl G. Maeser Excellence in Teaching Award — Phil S. Allen, plant and wildlife science; C. Douglas Floyd, law; and John D. Lamb, chemistry and biochemistry.

    Karl G. Maeser Excellence in Research and Creative Arts Award — Robert V. Bollough, Jr., teacher education; Christopher E. Crowe, English; and Edwin D. Lephart, physiology and developmental biology.

    Karl G. Maeser Professional Faculty Excellence Award — Cinzia Donatelli Noble, French and Italian.

    Karl G. Maeser General Education Professorship — Cardell K. Jacobson, sociology; A. Brent Strong, technology; and Bruce W. Young, English.

    Abraham O. Smoot Citizenship Award — Terrance D. Olson, family life.

    Wesley P. Lloyd Award for Distinction in Graduate Education — Dennis K. Shiozawa, biology.

    Alumni Professorship Award — William W. Winder, physiology and developmental biology.

    Phi Kappa Phi Award — Grant R. McQueen, business management.

    Part-Time Faculty Excellence Award — Kathleen B. Sheffield, dance.

    University Fellowship — M. Winston Egan, teacher education; Keith A. Crandall, biology; Brent D. Slife, psychology; and Diane L. Spangler, psychology.

    Alcuin Fellowship — Susanne J. Davis, dance; Trenton L. Hickman, English; Jesse D. Hurlbut, French and Italian; Steven P. Johnson, music; Victor L. Ludlow, ancient scripture; Brett C. McInelly, English; J. Scott Miller, Asian and Near Eastern languages; Larry J. Nelson, family life; Jenny H. Pulsipher, history; and Kerry D. Soper, humanities, classics and comparative literature.

    Young Scholar Award — Byron J. Adams, microbiology and molecular biology; J. Tyson Hopkins, exercise sciences; Lars J. Lefgren, economics; Keith P. Vorkink, business management; Karl F. Warnick, electrical and computer science; and Thomas A. Wayment, ancient scripture.

    BYU Class of 1949 Young Faculty Award — Stephen C. Yanchar, instructional psychology and technology.

    Creative Works Award — Thomas B. Holman, family life.

    Sponsored Research Recognition Award — William G. Pitt, chemical engineering.

    Technology Transfer Award — Scott D. Sommerfeldt, physics and astronomy.

    Teaching and Learning Fellowships — Carl D. Sorensen, engineering and technology; Gary M. Burlingame, family, home and social sciences; Garold C. Barton, fine arts and communications; Jerry W. Larson, humanities; Patricia K. Ravert, nursing; and W. Jeffrey Marsh, religious education.

    President’s Appreciation Award — Paul A. Barton, residence life; Michele M. Bray, instructional psychology and technology; Linda Brummett, bookstore; Heather M. Hammond, undergraduate education; Jean M. Hawkins, social work; Ronald L. Keller, physical plan; Dennis J. Lindberg, bookstore; Gordon R. Nicol, carpenter shop; Wayne D. Peterson, physics and astronomy, Clifford W. Riley, physical plant; Kelley J. Williams, dining services; and Lewis J. “Bud” Wood, testing center.

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