Children’s Testimonies Built on Their Parents’


    By Brittanie Morris

    Creating a place for children to feel the Spirit and helping them build testimonies of Jesus Christ are two of the most important things parents can do, according to Angelle Anderson.

    In her class “A Time to Learn, a Time to Teach: They did not doubt their mothers knew it,” Anderson told parents their children will build testimonies upon the things they see and hear in the home.

    In reference to Helaman”s 2,000 “stripling warriors,” mentioned in the Book of Mormon, book of Alma, Anderson said, “The kind of testimony these men has was founded on their mothers”. They knew their mothers knew and that kept them strong.”

    Anderson referenced Elder Dieter Uchtdorf, who said each testimony always contains specific truths.

    She gave listeners a way to remember six truths included in testimonies by using their fingers and palm of their hand.

    The six truths she listed were 1) God is the father (using the thumb because God is above all others); 2) Jesus Christ is the Savior (pointer finger because God always introduces Christ – they come in a pair); 3) Joseph Smith was the instrument through which the gospel was restored and the Book of Mormon was translated (there were three rings in the Golden Plates); 4) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the Earth today (following the church rhyme “here”s the church, here”s the steeple …” There are four doors in the church); 5) a modern-day prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley (five-alive) leads the church today; 6) the Holy Ghost is the one who teaches and confirms truth (one”s palm is representative of the Holy Ghost).

    Anderson told participants to teach the truth to their children to love the truth because, as Brigham Young said, people do not follow the truth simply because it”s the truth, they follow the truth because they love it.

    She said one way to help children love the truth is to involve it in the families” “wholesome recreational activities.”

    “Create a setting to feel the spirit,” she said.

    Anderson quoted John 7:17, where it says, “If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine” and told listeners than in order for their children grow in their testimonies, parents must encourage those children to do the will of the Lord and live the gospel.

    She said there are many resources members of the church have at their disposal that are offered through the LDS Distribution Center, online and in many other places.

    Anderson reminded parents not to get discouraged or do more than they can handle. She said parents must simply do their best and be diligent. She quoted the late President James E. Faust who said, “Happily the Lord really does increase the capacity of those that are diligent.”

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