Lucille Stoddard’s Legacy Honored at UVSC


    By Cheryl Madsen

    A new scholarship honoring the time and influence of former dean Lucille Stoddard is now available at UVSC.

    The scholarship will be named after Stoddard, who spent more than 30 years at UVSC – since its time as a technical school.

    The scholarship will be offered to student applicants based on merit and need, according to a UVSC news release.

    Students receiving the scholarship will represent Stoddard”s dedication to the pursuit of academia, said Sam Rushforth, dean of the School of Health and Science.

    Stoddard began working with UVSC as a faculty member when it was still a technical school.

    She was the chair of business for the Utah Technical College, and eventually became the dean and acting president of Utah Valley Community College, after the college transitioned from a technical school.

    Rushforth said Stoddard was a great influence in helping the school transition to Utah Valley State College.

    Stoddard became the vice president of academic affairs and served as interim president twice, before becoming the associate commissioner of the Utah System of Higher Education.

    “The scholarship will honor Stoddard”s tremendous legacy at UVSC”, said Louise Illes, assistant dean of the School of Science and Health said.

    Stoddard helped UVSC grow academically, and was a tremendous influence in pushing for the school to increase the number of bachelor of science degrees offered, from zero to 56, Rushforth said.

    He said he was also impressed with Stoddard”s emphasis on remembering students and faculty member”s names.

    “Stoddard clearly has a warm spot in her heart for UVSC,” Rushforth said. “It is important for students to remember how important she has been to the university.”

    Stoddard”s dream was to see the institute become what is today, Rushforth said.

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