Cougars Outlast Outlaws to Pull Out a 1-0 Win


    By Laken Stewart

    The BYU men”s soccer team pulled a win out of Wednesday”s low scoring game against the Ogden Outlaws with a single goal.

    The Cougars gained their 1-0 victory by cleverly passing the ball in a seemingly endless game of keep away with the Outlaws. The majority of the game was played at mid-field, with extensive defense from both teams.

    Brock Trejo, the team captain, said BYU was in control of the ball for most of the game, and “knocked” and “spread” the ball well. That was part of the team”s strategy.

    “We got them tired and that helped us win,” Trejo said.

    BYU”s head coach, Chris Watkins, said the Outlaws played great defense and didn”t give a lot of open space for his team to use.

    “They really clogged up the field out there,” Watkins said. “They didn”t give us much to work with, but we managed to pull through.”

    In the 68th minute, Trejo found an opening in the Outlaw”s defensive wall and made a break for the goal. Trejo passed the ball to Tyson Miller, who was able to make a clean shot, scoring the only goal of the game.

    “Trejo gave me a great ball,” Miller said. “It was an easy finish.”

    BYU”s record is now 11-1-1 and widens the gap of their first-place lead over Tacoma in the Northwest Division.

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