Home-Schooled BYU Students Mingle While Single


    By Meghan Mprgan

    Previously home-schooled singles of the Provo and Orem area have joined together to create their very own home-schooled singles group.

    “It’s almost like we are instant friends,” said founder Julianna Hopkins, a senior majoring in home and family living. “Many of us have the same experiences, hobbies, lifestyles and interests. I am always surprised how much we have in common.”

    Hopkins said there are many BYU students who have previously been home-schooled. The childhood educational experiences set these students apart, and when the students join together it is like meeting long lost friends, she said.

    “There are many opportunities to get to know each other, whether it be in attending devotionals, meeting for parties, or through our super-active discussion board,” Hopkins said. “We have parties about every other week.”

    Hopkins said this group is a good place to meet and connect with other home-schooled singles. Registration is open to all previously home-schooled young adults living in the Provo and Orem area.

    “I found out about the group a year or two ago, though I didn’t actually join until about two months ago when I started posting on the message board,” said Ben Crowder, a recent BYU graduate from Orem.

    Crowder said he enjoys conversing and interacting with other home schooled singles because they are like-minded and have shared similar experiences.

    “The goal of the group is to foster a healthy atmosphere where students from home-schooled backgrounds can forge friendships with each other,” Crowder said.

    “My favorite aspect of this group is rubbing shoulders with sharp girls who have a love for the good and the wholesome,” said Randy McNair, a senior majoring in animation. “Who have strong testimonies, love learning, are actively pursuing their dreams and are family-oriented.”

    McNair said he feels it is important to realize there are intelligent and sharp individuals who have not been home-schooled. But he is constantly amazed by the caliber of people this group represents.

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