Letters to the DU editor for June 7, 2007


    Decisive election

    I was fascinated by the writer’s contribution to the Reader’s Forum on June 5h entitled “Can’t support Romney.” He claims many of Mitt Romney’s views are “in direct violation of the Constitution,” and “he does not have the ability to honor his oath of office.”

    As much as I respect one’s right to express an opinion in a public forum, I must ask the writer to back up his otherwise empty claims.

    I am curious which of Mitt Romney’s views “violate the constitution.” Perhaps it is his desire to protect our borders by defeating the Jihadists and stemming the flow of illegal immigration?

    Or maybe it is his determination to reduce spending, lower taxes and strengthen the economy so America can compete with China on the global market.

    Mr. Romney identifies that America’s strength stems from its families. I didn’t realize that supporting families is in direct contradiction to the “inspired” Constitution.

    The 2008 presidential election is one of the most important and decisive of our time. It is going to be America ‘s chance to once and for all decide if they want a true moral leader or just another self-serving politician. Political debate is always welcome, but if your arguments consist of incendiary accusations without any base in fact, then you only expose your ignorance.

    Christopher R. Lee
    Tyler, Texas

    Mediocre life

    I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with the recent letters concerning video games. I honestly don’t see how people have enough time to pack their lives full of electric/cyber trash. With my schedule being commanded by work, school, exercise and researching the latest international news, I scarcely have enough time for sleep.

    Maybe people who play video games all the time are bored. If so, they should fill their free time with more productive things. For example, I turn to political biography when faced with boredom (Isaacman’s biography of Kissinger has consumed my free time for the last two weeks). Why do I do this? Because I want to be somebody. I don’t want to go through life as some idiot who sits in front of a computer screen and always talks to his friends about the latest WOW mess.

    All in all, people who are constantly engrossed in video games are destined for a life of mediocrity. Anybody who has real ambition concerns him/herself with reality, not a fantasy that will never bear fruits.

    Gary Ashcroft
    Cochran, Ga.

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