A New President Takes the Reins of BYU-Hawaii


    By Meghan Morgan

    President Gordon B. Hinckley announced Steven C. Wheelwright as the new president of Brigham Young University-Hawaii via a broadcast to the students and faculty at BYU-Hawaii on Tuesday.

    “We know the Wheelwrights will win a place in each of the hearts of the students,” President Hinckley said.

    Wheelwright is the father of five children and 15 grandchildren. He has been a professor at both Stanford and Harvard, and has spent the last 8 months serving at Brigham Young University in Idaho.

    “We are excited about the University and the opportunity it affords us as well as each of you,” Wheelwright said. “We are excited because we believe in the mission of Brigham Young University-Hawaii.”

    Wheelwright said he is excited to work in a place that combines secular learning with spiritual growth. He looks forward to working with students who value true leadership and responsibility.

    “I have always loved teaching and learning,” Wheelwright said.

    He said he is excited to share this love of constant learning through his interactions with the students at BYU-Hawaii.

    Wheelwright will be serving in Hawaii with his wife Margaret.

    “I look forward to have her standing by my side in all that I do at Brigham Young University-Hawaii,” Wheelwright said.

    Both of the Wheelwrights expressed their love for the students and faculty at BYU-Hawaii as well as their excitement to serve in a place where the Lord”s love can be felt and witnessed everyday.

    Wheelwright said he knows the experiences he has had in life have prepared him to be the next president of BYU-Hawaii.

    “I would argue to say just about everything we have done has prepared us [to serve at BYU-Hawaii,” Wheelwright said. “The Lord has been in charge and He has been preparing us for a day such as this.”

    Wheelwright said one of his main goals is to help the young men and women of BYU-Hawaii prepare for a life of learning and service.

    Wheelwright will leave this week for Hawaii, where he we have an opportunity to meet all of the culturally diverse students at BYU-Hawaii.

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