EFY Comes to Campus


    By Becky Brock

    T-shirts with the phrase “Power in Purity” will be seen on campus in the upcoming weeks as Especially for Youth (EFY) sessions begin.

    All over campus, preparations have been taking place for the current and upcoming EFY sessions being held on BYU campus.

    EFY counselors have been preparing and training for weeks to welcome incoming participants.

    “A lot of things I thought about were fun activities and things I could provide for my girls, whether it be stickers about them being modest or bringing fun music … and thinking about things they may need throughout week that a lot of times they forget,” said EFY counselor Jenna Martin.

    Spiritual preparation was also key for counselors.

    “I started preparing the devotionals that we give each night because that”s the time the counselors have the most impact on the kids, the most time to talk to them,” Martin said.

    Counselors were also required to have personal spiritual preparation.

    Personal prayer and scripture study were also parts of EFY preparation, said counselor Scott Schauss.

    Counselors were also advised to read Preach My Gospel, Schauss said.

    Departments campus-wide have also planned for EFY participants.

    Kaylene Vest, BYU Bookstore public relations specialist, said she expects EFY participants will probably browse in the Bookstore and buy items they forgot to pack, such as journals and pens.

    Roy Peterman, director of grounds maintenance, said the grounds crew works hard to keep the campus aesthetically pleasing all year round seeing as guests, whether EFY participants or a student”s parents, are on campus everyday throughout the year.

    “They also have a myriad of other special activities in the evenings that we do special things for, such as outdoor movie setups,” said Roy Peterman, director of grounds maintenance.

    Lessa Petrini, Stover Hall advisor, said things like pillows and mattress pads had been laid out for the guests in anticipation of their arrivals. She also said each of the rooms were cleaned before the participants arrived.

    “I think it went very well,” Petrini said, referencing the logistics in welcoming the first set of EFY participants.

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