A different Intern Approach


    By Shanae Briggs

    Most majors at BYU require an internship to graduate. But not all internships involve spending one semester preparing an Easter egg hunt.

    Megan Caswell, a senior at BYU majoring in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership, has been working since January to make sure Orem”s Easter egg hunt is successful.

    “With an attendance of 4500 people, we need it to be well prepared,” said Mark Resch, program coordinator for youth sports.

    Orem”s traditional Easter egg hunt is the largest in Utah County, Caswell said.

    Caswell has spent the entire semester sending out letters, contacting businesses, calling people and picking up coupons, donations and treats.

    “I”ve really had to learn good public relations skills in talking to so many businesses,” Caswell said. “I became pretty fast with all the phone calls too.”

    Caswell has used many of the skills she learned in her major in order to plan and prepare the event that brings smiles to many children”s faces.

    The Recreation Management and Youth Leadership major requires two internships, a short one and a final senior internship.

    “The internship is essentially on the job training, doing what they want to do when they graduate,” said Brad Harris, associate teaching professor in the Recreation Management and Youth Leadership program. “The professor visits the student, evaluates them and they get a grade for all the work they”ve put into their internship.”

    After Caswell”s preparations, she said she”s ready for Saturday.

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