BYU Grad Student Receives Volunteer Award


    By Summer Seschillie

    BYU student Ben Hardin was acknowledged recently for his work in veterinary work at the Utah Animal Control Officers” Association. Hardin was awarded the prestigious Volunteer of the Year award.

    According to Mike Morgan, the director of South Utah Valley Animal Shelter, the award was well-deserved.

    “We think very highly of Ben,” said Mike Morgan, director of the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Spanish Fork. “In addition to being a full-time student, he still finds enough time to come down here every week to work with us.”

    Morgan said Hardin only wants to be a volunteer.

    “I would love to hire him, but he won”t take a job,” said Morgan. “Staff here just loves him.”

    Hardin is enrolled full-time at BYU, where he is currently finishing his master”s degree in computer science.

    “He”s in his final year,” said Morgan. “We understand that he will have to move on.”

    Hardin started working for the facility nine months ago, when he said he saw the job opportunity online and called asking for an application.

    When asked how he began his involvement in volunteer work, Hardin said he was involved in activities during high school. While in college, he devoted his time every year for the Special Olympics service program. He also tutored for various computer courses and even volunteered at a nursing home, where he said his father and brother currently volunteer.

    “My parents had very strong work ethic and have always taught us kids about service,” he said.

    Hardin said during his spare time, he enjoys biking, playing Ultimate Frisbee and canyoneering, an activity that involves hiking or traveling down creeks or streams within a canyon.

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