Floral Design Brightens Rooms With Living Art


    By Crystalee Webb

    There”s a lot more to floral design than just sticking a bunch of flowers in a pot.

    Campus Craft and Floral florists Tasha Nielson, who graduated in floral design management at BYU-Idaho, and Holly Bahlmann, who received a bachelor of science with a floral design emphasis, have obvious passions for floristry. As they carefully placed brightly colored flowers in vases, they discussed their love for flower arranging.

    Neilson said every morning she looks forward to coming to work, which makes her feel like an artist.

    “Instead of being a painter, you”re creating something live,” Neilson said.

    Bahlmann agreed that flower arranging lets her use her creativity. She advised aspiring florists to attend the bimonthly class at Campus Craft and Floral to learn how to create basket arrangements, hand-held bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

    Kimberly Hobson, majoring in home and family living, is currently enrolled in the Plant and Animal Sciences floral design class. She took the class to help fulfill a dream of owning her own boutique and flower shop one day.

    “There is a lot more to it than I thought there was,” Hobson said.

    Hobson gave her top three reasons flowers are such a positive influence in her life.

    “Fresh flowers smell good, they are beautiful and they make me happy,” Hobson said.

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