UVSC Administrator Receives National Award for One Stop


    By Emiley Morgan

    The woman responsible for introducing the One Stop system to UVSC will receive national recognition for her efforts in creating a relational database and bringing the One Stop system to life.

    Liz Childs, UVSC director of Admissions/One Stop, will receive the 2007 Achieving Professional Excellence Award at the annual American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers on Feb. 28 in Boston.

    Michelle Lundell, associate vice president of student services, nominated Childs for the award because of Childs” involvement in making various student service programs a reality.

    “I nominated Liz because of her exceptional leadership in bringing together a team of people to bring One Stop and our Banner student database together,” Lundell said. “The banner student database took three years to design, develop and implement, and Liz was a key part of the design and implementation of the system.”

    Although Childs was a “key part” of bringing Banner and One Stop into being, Childs said she couldn”t take full credit.

    “It wasn”t me. It was a huge team effort of countless hours of dedicated employees who were willing to just help me figure out One Stop and make it happen,” she said. “It”s not like I did it alone.”

    In addition to personal work ethic, Childs said she is motivated by a desire to serve students.

    “The motivation is to make better processes for students, to facilitate students getting what they need to complete their education,” she said. “We”re trying to make it a better process for students to help them achieve their educational goals.”

    Lundell said the student and faculty responses to One Stop have been both positive and supportive.

    “The students love not having to go to multiple locations and stand in multiple lines to ask different questions; they love getting all of their questions answered in one place,” Lundell said.

    Megan Laurie, assistant director of marketing at UVSC, said One Stop has been a wonderful asset for UVSC students because it provides a way for them to do everything they need to get started at UVSC in one place.

    “They get registration problems solved, buy parking passes, pay their tuition. They can do all of these things in one place. Under Liz”s direction it has been very successful,” Laurie said.

    In spite of One Stop”s success and the national recognition, Childs said she doesn”t believe her work is over.

    “I just hope to be able to continue to be a part of a growing college that is hoping to become a university, so we can help those in our community and in our state and out of state to get the best education possible. I just look for ideas to make things better,” Childs said.

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