Police Beat: Jan. 25, 2007


    Police beat for the week of January 24, 2007

    Police Tip of the Week:

    Walk-by theft can and does happen, even on campus. Always keep your property secure or with you at all times, even in the restroom. Especially vulnerable areas include the Harold B. Lee Library, the Wilkinson Student Center and the Richards Building.


    Jan. 19: A construction vehicle hit a car belonging to an employee of the University Police Friday morning. Passing students reported the construction vehicle left the scene of the accident immediately afterwards.

    Jan. 19: A truck backed up onto a smaller car in Wyview Park. The truck was being followed closely by another vehicle when the truck suddenly stopped and proceeded to back up. The truck backed up onto the hood of the other car. A wrecker truck was called in to lift the truck off the car.


    Jan. 18: A female student had several personal items stolen from her handbag while she helped a professor carry materials from her car. The bag was left unattended for only 10 minutes. Items stolen included the student’s car keys and other items totaling $180 in value.

    Jan. 22: A male student attempted to leave the bookstore with a book and greeting card without paying.

    Jan. 22: A student, who was caught stealing food from the Twilight Zone admitted to stealing nearly $27 over the past week.

    Jan. 22: A student attempted to steal a math lab folder valued at $60.

    Criminal Mischief / Disorderly Conduct

    Jan. 16: The Dairy Products Lab reported students making what were believed to be prank calls to the building.

    Jan. 17: A female student who was not accepted into her MBA program refused to leave the Tanner Building pending an explanation of why she had not been accepted.

    Jan. 18: A white male riding a Honda Elite motor scooter drove through the Morris Center lobby. The man rode from the south to the north through the building and was gone before police arrived.

    Jan. 21: An officer on foot patrol reported an act of vandalism to the south wall of the Benson building on Maeser hill. Someone had painted a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. upon the wall.


    Jan. 20: A group of locals from the area of the north-east lot of the Cougar Stadium assaulted four people trying to snowboard on the steps of the stadium stairways after confronting them about the noise they were making. A fight ensued during which the snowboarders were injured.


    Jan. 22: A waterline broke in the Helaman Halls complex at 4:30 a.m. that caused the concrete in the road area west of the halls to rise a few inches. No damage was caused to the buildings themselves.

    Compiled by Chris Williams

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