Online Service Provides New Textbook Option


    By: Stacy Bailey

    BYU students can now lower their textbook costs through a new online company. is selling single chapters of textbooks online, starting as low as $1.99 per chapter.

    Inspired by iTunes, iChapters is a start-up branch of Thomson Learning, which offers discounted print text-books, e-Books and study supple-ments, as well as the individual elec-tronic chapters.

    ?We have a spectrum of choice that nobody else offers,? said Jurgen Pauquet, the general manager of

    iChapters was started one year ago in an attempt to attract all types of learners. Its variety of products is targeted to emphasize choice for the students.

    ?I think it would be a good idea, because why do I have the whole book for $150 if I am only going to read two chapters out of it?? said BYU student Ingrid Olsen. ?If this was the case, I think this would be quality.?

    After performing focus groups, quantitative and ethnographic surveys and behavioral studies of students, iChapters concluded that students were demanding choice.

    ?Twenty-five percent of university students don?t buy textbooks,? said Pauquet. ?Professors love us because it provides students with the neces-sary textbooks, and they are gaining the information needed to succeed in the course.?

    iChapters offers textbooks and chapters at such a discounted price because they are receiving their texts directly from the Thomson Learning publishers. The company only sells new books.

    ?I think its good in college if you only have to read excerpts. It would save you money,? said BYU student Allison Sullivan. ?In my humanities class, I only have to read little pieces once and awhile. If I hadn?t already bought my books I would have tried iChapters.?

    The company has already tested its product at 14 universities and is at-tempting to make their market univer-sal.

    ?Over 1,000 bookstores are in support of this product because they are gaining 8 percent interest in affili-ate earnings with this product,? said Pauquet.

    The company aims to expand its content in the future, especially the single online chapters, because they feel it is ideal for the students? needs.


    What: Selling single textbook chapters online

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