Modern Dance Group Prepares for Unique Performance


    The unusual movements and choreography of madern dance comes to the stage as BYU’s modern dance group Dancer’s Company performs in the Pardoe Theatre, Thursday, Jan. 25 through Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007.

    Although some people may not understand this style of dance, it is not something students should hesitate to see.

    “It’s hard to understand and it looks crazy,” said Cherie Dustin, a senior from Idaho Falls, Idaho, referring to modern dance. “But I’m sure it means something.”

    The Dancers’ Company, BYU’s modern dance group, performs Thursday through Saturday in the Pardoe Theatre. Although some people may think their style of dance is boring, feminine or bizarre, it is not something that students should hesitate to see.

    “It may be a little abstract, but it is something that people can relate to,” said Christian Joyner, a dance minor from Georgia and part of the Dancers’ Company. “Most of [the dances] are upbeat and easy to get into.”

    The brains and spunk behind the whole operation is Rebecca Wright Phillips, the artistic director for the Dancers’ Company. She said she is confident that anyone who goes to the concert will leave satisfied.

    “We want to connect with our audiences and take them to a new place,” Phillips said. “We’re really committed to dances that share light and truth, or else why do it?”

    Phillips emphasizes the importance of spirituality and testimony in what the dancers do and the effect they have on the audience. She has seen many people who attend their concerts become emotional;they are often surprised that dance can bring them closer to God.

    “[The audience] will be moved, not just entertained,” Phillips said. “They’ll be moved and they’ll be touched.”

    Joining the Dancers’ Company are Vocal Point and composer Jon Schmidt. They will provide live music for some of the dance numbers, blending the visual with the musical.

    This also allows students on a budget to experience several great performing groups for only $10, significantly less than if they were to see each performer individually.

    BYU Dancers’ Company
    What: Dance In Concert

    Where: Pardoe Theatre, HFAC

    When: Thursday through Saturday

    Admission: $10

    For more info: HFAC Ticket Office

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