Man Arrested After Throwing Up Heroin Balloons


    By Marette McKnight

    An Orem resident was arrested for drug possession after throwing up balloons filled with heroin.

    Jacob Bamgartner, 19, was found to be in possession of marijuana Saturday night, (Jan. 20, 2007) after police stopped him for a traffic violation, according to an Orem police news release.

    The police officer cleared the scene near 1500 North and 1000 West after citing Bamgartner for marijuana possession, but returned when a witness called to report Bamgartner vomiting outside the car at the scene.

    When questioned, a scared Bamgartner admitted to swallowing some balloons of heroin when he first saw the officer”s overhead lights as he was pulled over.

    Paramedics were notified and transported Bamgartner to the hospital. Medical workers checked his stomach for additional balloons but found that he had already thrown them all up.

    The hospital staff released Bamgartner and then police booked him into the Utah County jail for heroin possession.

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