Dance Department Hosts Dance-A-Thon


    By Tiffany Meredith

    Most students bust a move to catch the eye of a cute boy, but this Saturday dance majors will dance the night away to raise money.

    Dance major students are putting on a dance-a-thon this Saturday to raise money for a Student Dance Education Organization National Conference in Alabama.

    “Our big goal for funding, is to be able to go to national conference in Alabama,” said Ariel Hortin, a dance education major from Kaysville. “We get to meet people there that write our textbooks and develop new technologies in dance. It is a great opportunity to network and get personal contacts.”

    At the dance-a-thon, named after the popular T.V. series, “So you think you can dance,” some students will compete to see who can dance the longest while other students mingle and groove to the music.

    Dance majors find sponsors beforehand who will pledge a certain amount for each hour they are able to remain dancing, Hortin said.

    “During the dance, they have a dance-off,” Hortin said. “And they compete in partners, so if one needs to go to the bathroom, the other one needs to stay on the floor. We”ll have an MC that is like a judge. If you leave the floor, they”ll be checking. If you stop dancing, they”ll notice and they”ll check you off.”

    At the end of the night, the last partners dancing will be awarded a trophy.

    The dance-a-thon is not just for dance majors who want to compete however.

    “Besides the games that they will have going on, the eliminations with the competitors, it will just be a big dance,” Hortin said. “They will have food, refreshments, things like that.”

    Sarah Burroughs, a junior majoring in dance, will compete in the dance-off, but said it will be a fun night for students who don”t wish to compete.

    “It will be cool because we”re going to be playing all types of music,” Burroughs said. “It”s really cheap and a great opportunity for people who love to dance to come and just have fun.”

    What: Dance-A-Thon

    When: Saturday 6:30-10:30

    Where: 270 RB

    Admission: $2

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