Readers’ Forum Oct. 30, 2006


    Thanks, Readers’ Forum

    I just want to say thanks to all the people that write letters making fun of real letters. Your fine tuned sarcasm often makes my day.


    Yakima, Wash.

    Vote With the Wise

    Believe it or not, if you’re a college student, then you’re probably an idealistic, naive moron. You probably shouldn’t vote for the candidate that you think is the wisest because of your youthful inadequacy. What can we college students do? Find the wisest, best and most righteous person you know, and find out facts from them. They’ve been around the system for a while, and they can help you lift the wool off your eyes. You can even probably help them to see things from new perspectives, but they are wise and good. You should take their advice for most things, including voting for a political candidate.

    Christopher Johnson

    Temple, Texas

    Small and Simple Things

    I just wanted to write and say, “Thank you,” to the guys on this campus for the respect they show toward the women. Regardless of what some feminists say, girls still do appreciate it when you wait the extra few seconds and hold open the door. While you may not think we notice, we do and we appreciate every time you open a door, move out of the way on the sidewalk, or offer to help us. Unlike most other places I’ve lived, I don’t think I’ve gone through a whole day at BYU without being the recipient of some small, courteous act. Girls, let the guys be polite. In a world where respect is quickly fading, don’t drive it to extinction by trying to always prove you can do everything yourself. We know you can. That’s not the point.

    Melissa Waite

    Hazelton, Idaho

    Greeting Pedestrians

    Although I usually try to refrain from commenting on trivialities, I have found one that I think merits review by the entire student body. As a pedestrian, I do not appreciate it when passing motorists shout things to me from their windows. I often sense that many of their comments are intended to demean or embarrass us pedestrians and could easily be indicative of a lack of maturity or intellect on the part of the speaker.

    Lincoln said, “Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” I do not believe these people are all ill intentioned or even that they are all necessarily foolish. However, when our entire exchange is limited to a single, unintelligible, Doppler-shifted sentence fragment, it is very difficult to establish a meaningful rapport. Their numerous obnoxious comments have spoiled many walks. If you are a motorist who shouts things to complete strangers from your window in an attempt to be friendly and inclusive, I am sorry if I have misinterpreted your gestures or failed to reciprocate. Your less-scrupulous peers have permanently obscured your good intentions.

    James Archibald

    Schnecksville, Pa.

    More Football Reminders

    A few more reminders for those students who have forgotten how football stadiums work:

    1) Littering is a disgusting habit and football should be no exception. As all good college football fans, let us leave the stadium cleaner than we found it.

    2) There is no need to yell. The chances are they can’t hear you on the field and you are only bothering the people next to you who have paid good money for their seats.

    3) The nudity and paint is really unnecessary. If you were excited about taking a trip to England, would you

    get on the airplane with an English flag painted on your bare chest? Of course not.

    4) The wave is a thing of our politically incorrect past. Think of all of those who are unable to stand and how it makes them feel when they see the wave. Please be considerate and don’t participate in this practice that you know is wrong.

    5) If we win the conference by beating Utah in our stadium, remember your manners and don’t try to get onto the field.

    Bryan Haslam

    San Diego, Calif.

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