Police Beat Sept. 21, 2006


    Police Tip of the Week: There is no bike riding on campus during breaks between classes. This rule is for safety reasons; campus sidewalks are too congested during breaks for bikers and foot traffic. Those found riding during class breaks are subject to citation and fines.

    Animal Problem

    Sept. 18: A deer was hit by a vehicle on Ninth East on the south end of Kimball Hall. Police responded and reported that the deer passed away. BYU grounds removed the deer.


    Sept. 14: An individual broke into Felt Hall in Heritage Halls and removed two laptops, a web camera, an Ethernet cord, a Sony camera, a scandisk card reader and other miscellaneous items. The missing items totaled about $1570.

    Sept. 17: Cash was reported stolen from the bedrooms of 11 victims in Maeser Hall of Heritage Halls. An unknown individual entered the rooms of the victims while they were at church. All bedroom doors had been left unlocked. The amount stolen totaled $582.

    Disorderly Conduct

    Sept. 12: An individual reported four or five males throwing water balloons from a dark sedan in the parking lot next to the Harris Fine Arts Center. The individuals were gone when police officers arrived.

    Sept. 15: The Creamery on Ninth East reported an argument. The confrontation began with two parties then a third party attempted to intervene. The agitation was over the use of an I-pod.

    Driving Offense

    Sept. 13: A male student was stopped because of a traffic offense on Wymount Terrace Drive. There was a warrant for the man’s arrest for previous traffic offenses. He was taken to American First Credit Union where he got money to post his bail of $182 and was released.


    Sept. 11: A firework was thrown on the roof of a mechanical building in Heritage Halls near Young Hall. The firework ignited pine needles and other debris on top of the building. The fire was put out and the fire department responded to make sure the fire was completely extinguished. There was no damage to the roof. The individual who threw the firework has been identified.

    Sept. 13: A deep fryer cooking food in the game room of the Wilkinson Student Center began smoking activating fire alarms in the basement of the building. Students were required to evacuate.


    Sept. 14: A student in Horne Hall of Heritage Halls called in to complain about students playing music and singing too loudly. The student reported that this has happened several times.

    Personal Injury

    Sept. 15: A student driving a BYU box truck on the south side of the Eyring Science Center attempted to drive between two building and ran the truck into the awning connecting the buildings. When the student hit the awning he was thrown into the steering wheel of the truck and reported chest pain. The student was checked by BYU EMT’s and released. The damage is estimated at $10,000 to the awning and $6,000 to the truck. It was the student’s first day driving the truck.

    Property Damage

    Sept. 15: A female student reported damage to her car from a fallen tree limb in a parking lot at Wymount Terrace. The damage is estimated to be about $600.

    Suspicious Activity

    Sept. 13: A female student reported a suspicious male staring at females near the Morris Center. A police officer made contact with the man who said he hadn’t been staring at anyone, but that he did say hello to a female with a baby. The man has already been issued a restraining order for a previous incident.

    Sept. 14: A resident in Deseret Towers R Hall reported someone outside shooting air soft projectiles at a window.


    Sept. 8: A male student reported his bicycle missing from the Wilkinson Student Center bicycle rack. The bike was a Comcast mountain bike and was not locked at the time of the theft. The bike was valued at $160.

    Sept. 17: A male student at Wymount Terrace reported his backpack stolen. While changing the oil in his moped he set his backpack on the ground by a dumpster and five to seven minutes later when he went back for it, the backpack was gone. The backpack was valued at $60 and contained a day planner and other miscellaneous items.

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