Sports viewpoint: This Week in Sports


    By Michael Barzee

    Zidane to the NFL?

    I have said before in this column that I hate soccer. Nothing has changed. However, after watching the replay of France”s Zinedine Zidane head butting Italy”s Marco Materzzi over and over again, I can”t help but think that Zidane would make a fearsome punter and kicker in the NFL. Imagine what kind of damage he would have done to the Italian guy had he been wearing a football helmet. Materazzi would have been knocked out for the count. Zidane has retired from international play but will still play for Real Madrid. I am sure once he is done with Real that some team in the NFL can convince him to come and punt and kick the football as well as tackle some guys with his head.

    Danica Patrick to Nascar?

    Indy Racing League driver Danica Patrick”s contract with Rahal-Letterman expires at the end of the racing season. Her agent, who happens to be her father, is in talks with not only other IRL teams but with Nascar teams as well. I am not a huge race fan, but I love the IRL way more than Nascar. Nascar already has enough drama between racers that they don”t need a female to add to the drama. If Patrick goes to Nascar, watching Nascar will be like a noon day soap opera with Patrick being the attractive female that every soap opera needs. Luckily, the driving beauty has come out and said she wants to win the Indy 500. This reason alone might keep Patrick in the IRL for a few more years.

    AL Wins Home Field Advantage

    As I was watching the All-Star game I couldn”t help but think that this year”s 3-2 game wasn”t as exciting as years past. Sure the American League made an amazing two-run ninth inning to win the game, but the rest of the game was quite boring. I love the All-Star game but ever I don”t the winner of the game should get home field advantage at the World Series. I am even an American League guy and the AL has won ten of the last 11 All-Star games, but the team with the best record should get home field advantage not the winner of the All-Star game. If this game was so important than why were the players in the dugouts throughout most of the game laughing and joking around with each other. Granted in the ninth inning everyone was on the top step watching but why not take the whole game seriously. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig needs to change the All-Star game back to the way it was ? an exhibition game with the most popular MLB players.

    Woman wins $21,000 on Superfecta

    I am against gambling in everyway, but when I heard of a Michigan woman that won $21,000 on a 10-cent bet I had to write something on it. The woman placed two 10-cent superfecta bets on a horse race in California. She won $21,000 when one of her 10-cent superfecta bets matched the top four finishers. Wow, talk about an incredible return on investment!

    Preseason MWC Picks

    At next week”s Mountain West Conference Football Media Days, the preseason conference rankings will be announced. Since I will be in attendance and am a member of the press, I had the opportunity to submit my conference rankings. I decided that I would share my rankings that I submitted before the official rankings come out next week.

    1. BYU

    2. TCU

    3. Utah

    4. San Diego State

    5. New Mexico

    6. Colorado State

    7. Air Force

    8. UNLV

    9. Wyoming

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