Not another ‘dinner and a movie’ date


    By Elizabeth Bowman

    Think of Provo, and BYU comes to mind. Mention BYU, and dating inevitably enters the conversation. Dating is a common past time among college students; however, Provo is not necessarily a booming metropolis with numerous cultural activities for dates, which can put some students in a dating rut.

    “All you can do is eat here,” said Jordan Wheeler, a junior majoring in communications. “Ideally, Provo needs a beach, but what it really comes down to is Provo isn”t a big city for large cultural events that require a lot of people and a lot of money.”

    In the search for a unique and physically-active date, some students are turning to local tumbling gyms for the answer.

    “The tumbling gym is an incredible date, probably one of the best kept secrets in Provo,” said Tyson Fujikawa, a senior majoring in business.

    Many gyms allow students to rent out their facilities for a few hours a night for a minimal fee. One local gym has a 17-foot foam pit where participants can run and jump off of a trampoline, doing crazy tricks in midair before landing in the pit.

    “You can film your tricks and watch it afterwards with your date,” Fujikawa said. “If you play your cards right you could even get together for a second date and watch the film then.”

    It might be smart to take along a camera to document this interactive date because it calls for jumping, diving, flipping, tackling and no apprehension.

    “This date is so much fun because you grow-up watching gymnasts on TV and the gym gives you a chance to be that person,” Fujikawa said. “It is the most fun and cheapest date in Provo.”

    Other students are stirring their creative freedom to not only plan, but also execute creative dates.

    Brad Packer, a senior majoring in accounting, has a hobby for longboarding and likes to incorporate it into his dates.

    “I like interactive dates where you”re teaching or learning,” Packer said. “I thought it [teaching my date how to longboard] was fun because it gave me the opportunity to hold a conversation for the whole time while longboarding and teaching her something she has never done before, especially on a date.”

    One local company is also fostering date conversations by providing a culturally enriching date experience. The Provo branch of Color Me Mine offers a date night every Friday, complete with live entertainment and half price studio fees.

    After choosing the ceramic piece, customers can sit and paint, relax, enjoy one another”s company and seek unlimited advice from employees.

    “It”s so much fun,” said Tueller, a creative assistant at Color Me Mine. “It”s a great group date because you have something else to focus on besides conversation, but it also provides something fun and interesting to not only work on, but also talk about.”

    Steven Cramer, a senior majoring in electrical engineering, has gone on a couple of dates at Color Me Mine.

    “A friend told me it was a fun date and I was trying to impress a girl, so I thought ”Why not?” ” Cramer said. “She loved it. She thought it was so fun to just be there, painting and listening to the live music. She made a really creative plate that turned out awesome and we had a really great time!”

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