General Relief Society Presidency urges women to feel the love of the Lord


    By Susan Adkins

    Women from all over the country joined together Friday May 5, 2006 in the Marriott Center to listen to the General Relief Society Presidency speak on how to feel the love of the Lord in daily life.

    Sisters Bonnie D. Parkin, Kathleen H. Hughes and Anne C. Pingree, with moderator Jolene Merica, carried on a round-table discussion.

    At what was called “the table,” each member of the presidency took turns sharing stories and examples from their own lives on how they had to learn of the Lord”s love for themselves and how they share that love with the sisters in the church.

    “I wish every woman could have a round-table [experience] where she could share her feelings with other sisters that she trusts,” Sister Parkin said. “I know the hearts around this table. We study the scriptures together. … Testimonies are shared. Faith is strengthened.”

    Each sister at Women”s Conference was invited Friday to sit at “the table” and feel of the Lord”s love.

    When it is hard to feel the love of the Lord in everyday life, it”s “being in the middle of the muddle,” said Sister Hughes.

    “It”s that we get ourselves in the middle of our lives and … we don”t allow ourselves to feel the love of the Lord,” Sister Hughes said. “This is one of the successful tactics of Satan.”

    She then added, “We have extremely blessed lives if we step back and look.”

    Each sister also shared experiences where they felt the tender mercies of the Lord in their daily lives.

    “I lost the stone in my engagement ring,” Sister Pingree said. “I worked hard for two or three hours, and I took a break to make a telephone call, and I happened to glance down at my hand, and the stone in my engagement ring was gone.”

    Sister Pingree explained how she went to her Heavenly Father in prayer and then went to all the places where she had been working. There was no stone to be found, so she started cleaning again. When she went to make her lunch in the microwave, the glass plate inside made horrible squeaking noises and would not turn.

    “I lifted up the glass plate, and there was that stone I had been looking for,” she said. “The Lord knew my heart and my needs, and he answered my prayer that day.”

    Sister Pingree shared this experience to teach how the tender mercies of the Lord can apply to spiritual experiences as well as experiences specific to each person”s life.

    While concluding the session, each of the sisters testified the Lord knows each of his children and that every sister in the church is a divine daughter of God. They also bore testimony on the importance of knowing ones divine heritage.

    “One of the successful ploys of Satan is to make you doubt your personal divinity,” Sister Hughes said. “He is doing all he can to help us or convince us that we have no value. It makes life extraordinarily difficult for us.”

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