Office of IT Offers Online Training Skills


    By Karianne Salisbury

    For some students the help button on the screen doesn”t provide the knowledge or training to have a firm understanding on how to use their computer program.

    Instead of trying to learn the ins and outs of programs alone or through training companies, students can use online resources, available through the Office of Information and Technology, to gain up-to-date knowledge and to save time and money.

    In addition to in-class instruction, the Office of IT offers online training for more than 40 topics. This includes training in Microsoft Office and preparation courses for computer certification in Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Network+ and Security+.

    The most convenient aspect of these resources is the fact that they are online and students can access them whenever they have the time.

    “Many students find it hard to fit extra classes into busy school schedules or can”t afford the fees to participate,” said Bradley Ross, technical training coordinator for the Office of IT. “This online learning resource will make some of that training available to a broader audience.”

    Users can also browse the courses at their own speed and focus on what they personally need to know. These resources make it possible for students and employees to learn in their home or office and conduct personal online reviews of material they have already learned.

    “You can do it any time of the day or night, and there”s no need to sit through the content you may not need,” Ross said. “You can skip right to the material that you really need to know.”

    Although the Office of IT specifically provides training for BYU employees, any BYU student with a valid net ID and password can take advantage of the resources to learn skills that are becoming more essential in everyday life.

    “Students all over the university can probably use additional training in Microsoft Office,” Ross said. “By learning to use the tools more effectively students can spend less time fighting the computer and more time focusing on the subjects they love.”

    Some of the Microsoft Office training is only available on campus because of licensing restrictions. Video tutorials, however, are available anywhere with an Internet connection.

    The video resources were made possible by donations from Makau Corporation, a local training company in Orem. According to the Web site,, Makau is a provider of a unique, focused format of self-paced learning. Makau”s video training allows users to access the software without having to download or install it onto their own computers.

    Although there are very few students who are currently taking advantage of online training, Relia Smith, the Office of IT”s manager of communications and training, said they would love the involvement to increase.

    “We would really like every student to be aware of the resource and use it as often as they need specific information or training,” Smith said.

    For more information about these resources, students can visit and select the “Online Learning” link.

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