Basic Principles Key to Avoiding Satan


    By Jennifer Davis

    Students who firmly build faith in mind and heart of the basic doctrines of the gospel will have strength to overcome Satan”s temptations, Elder W. Rolfe Kerr said, Feb. 5, 2006.

    “Let your faith in Christ keep you out of the devil”s territory,” he said.

    Having the doctrines of the gospel firmly and conscientiously embedded in heart and mind will provide defense against evil, Kerr said.

    Kerr addressed a full Marriott Center Sunday night during the Church Educational System Fireside. He is a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy and commissioner of education has served as president of the Europe West Area. He was also the executive vice president of BYU.

    Kerr focused on three basic and essential doctrines of the gospel — resurrection, revelation and restoration.

    The doctrine of the resurrection is as old as the foundation of the world, Kerr said. It was in the plan that man would be redeemed of the fall through Jesus Christ. Those who have suffered crippling injuries or who have borne hardships find comfort in the resurrection. The resurrection also saves man from being subjects to the devil for eternity.

    “As we contemplate the significance of the resurrection of the Savior, keeping truths firmly and conscientiously in our hearts, we will experience a shield of protection from the evil,” Kerr said. “We will not allow ourselves to compromise that which we know to be right.”

    Satan is deceiving the nations, but members of the church can have an assurance of a living prophet who is receiving revelation by divine guidance, he said.

    It is of enormous comfort and unending confidence to be able to hear and read on a regular basis a prophetic voice, he said.

    Kerr offered an experience from his own conversion as he searched for a pattern between latter-day revelation and ancient revelation.

    “The Lord”s pattern became very clear,” he said. “The knowledge of this glorious truth strengthened my faith then and continues even today to strengthen my faith.”

    The restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ was the result of many heaven-sent revelations, Kerr said.

    “It is our witness that God has once again spoken and is still speaking,” he said.

    Ancient prophets foretold the apostasy and restoration and members of the church today are the beneficiaries of the blessings of the restoration, Kerr said.

    “You and I are part of the prophecy fulfilled,” he said.

    As Jesus Christ spoke to Joseph Smith from heaven he gave him commandments so that faith might increase on the earth again, he said.

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