‘Telefair’ ski workshops come to Brighton


    By Christopher Graham

    With the recent snowfall, students? minds may wander from the drudgery of finals and to daydreams of getting away from it all with a day-trip to the slopes. For those seeking a new winter sport adventure, the 2006 Telefair, a nationwide tour featuring telemark skiing and snow kiting clinics, promises skiers a chance to approach the slopes with a different style.

    The telemark technique is actually an older form of skiing that has had resurgence in recent years. The key difference is that the heel of the skier is not attached to the ski, allowing the skier to go down the mountain with more control.

    ?This form of skiing is just as beautiful in style as it is challenging to perform,? said Ken Lucas, the organizer and one of the instructors of Telefair. ?It?s a free flowing type of skiing where you?re not limited by your equipment. There is nothing like it.?

    On top of the telemark skiing, Telefair will include snow kiting for the first time this year. This type of skiing uses a large kite that pulls the skier across the snow at incredible speeds. Lucas said snow kiting is for skiers of all ages and can be used to simply cruise along the snow or can be employed to perform large jumps and tricks.

    “One of the coolest aspects of snow kiting is that you get first tracks in powder all day,? Lucas said. ?You can catch huge air or ride the backcountry for hours without ever hiking.?

    The Telefair tour, which has been happening for eight years, invites both beginners and experts to come learn these new techniques from professional, certified instructors. Beginners will be able to learn snow kiting and telemark skiing on the newest generation of equipment and experts will learn techniques on powder skiing, snow kiting and backcountry touring. All the necessary equipment is included in the price of $60 a day, which will also include a free raffle, a discount on lift tickets and two clinics.

    Telefair will make its only stop in Utah on Wednesday Dec. 7 at the Brighton Ski Resort. To get more information on the tour go to www.telefair.com.

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