Editorial: It’s time to cheer


    It?s the most wonderful time of the year. Nope, not Christmas — that wonderful time is still 38 days away. It is time once again for the BYU-Utah rivalry football game. After last year?s 52-21 loss, players and fans alike have been anxiously waiting for revenge. On Saturday, the chance will come.

    With the game just around the corner, there are a few reminders and guidelines to keep in mind.

    First, wear blue. Since The Daily Universe ran an article before homecoming about appropriate game-day attire, the ratio of blue to other colors has improved. For this weekend?s game however, if you aren?t going to wear blue, then stay home. If you don?t own anything blue, borrow something. If you don?t like the color blue, or you don?t think you look good in blue, at least wear white. Just make sure it isn?t trimmed in red.

    Secondly, Brigham Young University is an institution that encourages good sportsmanship. For the rivalry game there should be a few exceptions to the sportsmanship rule. There is some time for rowdiness and booing at LaVell Edwards Stadium, especially during this game. But if it comes down to throwing fists at Utah fans, take the higher road and walk away. If you are in need of a topic for an argument with a Utah fan, remind him/her that BYU has won a national championship and gone to more bowl games than they have.

    Third, for all of you Utah fans that attend BYU, this is unfortunate. However, if you rooted for them last year and are going to cheer for BYU this year because we have the better team, don?t. True sports fans don?t jump bandwagons but are loyal. Utah fans aren?t loyal. They are traitors, just like their head football coach Kyle Whittingham, who played for BYU and then went to coach Utah because they offered him more money. Turns out, Mendenhall is getting paid less than Whittingham, but Mendenhall has the better team.

    Lastly, be ready to hear the countless excuses when Utah loses. They might cry about the officiating like they did against TCU, or maybe they?ll cry about their injuries. However, no matter the excuses they give, it doesn?t change what BYU fans get bragging rights for the whole next year. That means that, no matter the time or place, BYU fans can tell those Utah folks that we beat them in the Holy War. What a satisfying feeling that is.

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