Rally, cougar, carnival, to herald Cougar Days


    The Daily Universe celebrates 50 years

    This story originally appeared in the Daily Universe on Oct. 5, 1961By Bill Slade

    Universe Staff Writer

    Friday?s assembly will start the initiation of Cougar Days, a new tradition on the BYU campus.

    The assembly will feature a comedy portrayal, ?The Legend of Vigorous P. Hartfelt.? This narrative about the Y in ?ye olden days? tells the story of the enthusiastic efforts of vigorous P to discover why the Y lacks spirit.

    THE BIGGEST COUGAR picture in existence will be presented as an added attraction.

    In conjunction with Cougar Days, the newest thing on campus will soon be the live cougar that the Executive Council plans to trap this Friday afternoon in the Wasatch Mountains.

    ?The council knows where the cougar is holding up and they?re going to get it,? explained Del Faddis, vice president of social activities.

    MR. OSCAR HANSEN, an experienced cougar hunter, will lend his two cat dogs and his advice for the afternoon hunt.

    Cameramen from KSL-TV will be on hand as well as a cameraman who will take pictures to Life Magazine.

    The Sportsman Club is keeping the cage and will be in charge of the cougar after its capture.

    The cougar will make its first appearance at the Bonfire Rally which will be held Friday evening in the vacant lot south of Helaman Halls.

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