Program individualizes health needs


    By Melanie Craig

    Before engorging yourself on Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday indulgences, why not look into the Y-Be-Fit program? The Y-Be-Fit program offers students a one-on-one evaluation and counseling program to purposely target your individual health needs. It is a 4- month program designed to give you a focus on disease prevention and lifestyle modification.

    ?Every year for about the past 10 years, we have been awarded with the highest honor from the governor?the gold plus award,? said Larry Tucker, professor of exercise sciences at BYU. ?We have a top notch program according to the state of Utah.?

    The program is offered to all individuals who want to learn exactly how they are doing with their health, and where they can make improvements. The program is a very systematic one that includes many tests to define where the individual is with their health, and then what they can do to make improvements.

    Student Chelsea Lockhart, 21, said, ?It was a great way for me to honestly look at my health, make goals to improve it, and then counsel with someone who knew what they were talking about– and could give me encouragement to make my goals.?

    Although students do participate the majority of Y-Be Fit?s clients are faculty, staff and administration. Also, most of the student clients who participate in the program are there for weight management.

    ?Students are busy and they aren?t quite as concerned about preventing disease,? Tucker said.

    For more information on the Y-Be-Fit program click here.

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