Motorists complain of white lines


    Associated Pres

    (AP) Both old and new striping on the same stretch of Interstate 15 between Lehi and Orem is confusing drivers, who are complaining to the Utah Department of Transportation.

    “We’ve been receiving complaints on a consistent basis for several weeks, and the contractor has removed some of the temporary striping,” said UDOT spokesman Geoffrey Dupaix. “It’s just a very slow process.”

    Janene Weiss, who commutes daily from Lehi to Provo, said, “It is so confusing. They tried to erase one set, but clearly that didn’t work. I’ve had a couple of near misses when people are following in the wrong sets.”

    If the conflicting lines haven’t caused any accidents, “it’s because people are aware of it and driving more defensively,” she said.

    Contractors initially painted a new set of lines in June to direct traffic farther away from the median and allow them more room to work. They covered the original stripes with gray paint, and that seemed sufficient for a few months.

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