Candidates come to campus tonight


    By Steve Nye

    Four candidates running for Provo City Council will be on campus tonight at 7 p.m. in Room 3380 WSC to debate student issues such as towing, booting and housing.

    BYU College Republicans invited candidates from districts 2 and 5 to visit campus and participate in addressing students? concerns.

    ?Students can find out how these candidates address student issues such as housing and booting issues,? said Jace Fullmer, recruiting director for BYU College Republicans. ?It?s a great opportunity for students to voice their opinions and to say what they would like to see happen.?

    Districts 2 and 5 cover the majority of campus, as well as on-campus housing and many of the local off-campus student housing areas. District 2 candidates are Paul Warner and Cindy Clark. Candidates for District 5 are Adam Clark and Cindy Richards.

    Fullmer said he hopes candidates will walk away with a sense of student concerns and that students will feel the need to be more active in local politics.

    ?I think it will have a huge impact on how city council will interact with students,? he said. ?I know there are a lot of students who are frustrated with Provo City Council.?

    Quin Monson, a political science professor, will serve as debate moderator. He said bringing candidates to campus gives students a chance to play a part in local politics.

    ?I?m always hopeful that students [will] show more interest in political interests,? Monson said. ?Students involved in local politics can have a great impact.?

    Following the debate, candidates will take questions from students and others in attendance.

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