Women’s golf ready to back up ranking


    By Melissa Leeper

    BYU?s women?s golf team is headed to the University of Washington for the Edean Ihlanseldt Invitational starting today and running through Wednesday.

    ?This is an opportunity to showcase our talent,? BYU head coach Sue Nyhus said.

    The tournament is located in Sammamish, Washington and will attract players from across the country.

    Lately, the team is performing well and receiving recognition for their hard work and developed skills.

    Golfweek magazine ranked the women?s golf team 22nd and Golfstat ranked the team 25th in the country.

    ?I?m looking forward to them playing well. We have a strong team,? said Coach Nyhus.

    The team won the first tournament it participated in this year and ranked 7th place in their last tournament.

    ?I expect to do really well. I always go out to win the tournament as an individual,? junior Rachel Newren said.

    Newren received an honorable mention All-American golf player. She is from Salt Lake City, Utah and is a junior majoring in Sociology.

    ?It?s my plan to win and see the team win,? said Newren.

    Another team member, Alexis Edwards, has high expectations as well. She is a junior majoring in communications and is from Oakley, Calif.

    ?I expect to play well. Last tournament was my best tournament of my college career and I expect to do better,? Edwards said.

    In her previous tournament Edwards tied for 19th place and shot only two over par. Edwards said she?s been working on her mental game to be more prepared for the tournaments.

    ?I know I have the swing, I just need to work on my mental game,? said Edwards. ?I just need to be confident in the way I play.?

    Edwards is also anticipating the team to play well. Everyone on the team has high expectations regarding the way they play individually, Edwards said.

    Edwards, Newren and Coach Nyhus all said they think the course is challenging, but it will provide a good opportunity to show the team?s talent. The competition, they said, will also be strong, but the Cougars should perform well.

    Both Newren and Edward hope to work on their mental game in order to confidently play. They also hope to improve their short game.

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