School features musical


    By Kelli Urry

    Russia is a country most students at Heritage School have never visited, but since July they seem to know a surprising amount about Anatevka, a small Russian village.

    This weekend, Anatevka will be recreated on the school?s stage as students perform the musical, ?Fiddler on the Roof.?

    This is the seventh year that Heritage, a school for at-risk teenagers, has put on a musical production. Production manager, Vicky Geilman, said the annual musical is becoming popular among students. This year, 76 students will take part in the production.

    ?At first, we had to coerce the kids into trying out, and now they all look forward to doing it and being in it,? Geilman said.

    For three months, students have been rehearsing weekdays for up to three hours, and recently started practicing on Saturday to prepare for the final performances.

    ?This has been a lot of hard work for them,? Geilman said.

    The play follows a Jewish family?s life during the Russian revolution and the problems they face living as traditional Jews.

    Students at Heritage have experienced a little bit of Jewish culture as they dress in customary Jewish costumes complete with prayer shawls and yamakas.

    Courtney, a 17-year-old from Ojai, Calif., plays the key character of Yenta the matchmaker. She can easily relate to her character because her family is Jewish and she said she has used some matchmaking skills with her friends back home.

    ?I?ve set my friends up before, so I can draw some similarities to my character,? Courtney said.

    For some students, this is their first time participating in theater. Alex, a 16-year-old student from Agoura Hills, Calif., plays one of the main characters, Golda, and has enjoyed performing for the first time.

    ?I?ve had so much fun and made lots of friends,? Alex said.

    Since its 1984 opening, students from across the country have come to live and study at the Provo school. Students only see their families occasionally, so Alex said the play will be especially memorable for her because her mom is coming.

    ?I?m so excited because my mom is coming to see me in the play,? Alex said.

    Tickets to the production cost $7 to $8. Heritage is located at 5600 N. Heritage School Rd. in Provo. The musical will run this weekend.

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