Dancer?s attitude puts her on top


    By Valerie Chapman

    Lori Hedman is not much different than any other member of The Dancers? Company at BYU. She is just as strong, talented and trained as the other dancers, but her friends and instructors say what sets her apart from her peers is her work ethic and the positive attitude she brings to the group.

    ?Lori is pretty much the cutest girl ever,? said Geoff Reynolds, a senior majoring in music dance theatre and theatre education. ?She?s always happy and smiling, and she has a strong testimony of the gospel.?

    Rebecca Phillips, artistic director of The Dancers? Company, said Hedman?s technical skill and ability are good enough that she could be on a professional company. But what she really appreciates about Hedman is her attitude.

    ?She has a great work ethic,? Phillips said. ?She?s always giving 100 percent. We can never tell if she?s ever sick or injured because she just stays right on top of things and keeps on giving it her all as she?s dancing.?

    Hedman has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She started dancing in local studios in Salt Lake and then joined her school?s modern team at Hillcrest High School.

    Her interest in the modern dance program at BYU came from a friend who student taught modern dance classes at BYU. Her friend?s enthusiasm for BYU?s dance program rubbed off on Hedman and from that point on she knew she wanted to join BYU?s company.

    Hedman auditioned for the The Dancers? Company her freshman year and made the group. This is her third year in the company, and she admits that it makes her life quite hectic.

    ?It?s very time consuming,? Hedman said. ?We rehearse about 17 hours a week, but I keep doing it because I love it.?

    The reason Hedman said she chose to do modern dance over any other genre of dance is because of the connection she is able to feel with herself when she dances.

    ?I really found my place with modern,? Hedman said. ?I feel like I really get to express myself when I?m doing modern as opposed to other forms of dance. The relationship I can express with the other dancers while dancing is amazing.?

    Hedman said she is excited to perform for the company is doing this year in World of Dance, especially the mattress dance, which is officially titled ?Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law.?

    ?You can?t imagine what you could do [dancing] with a mattress,? Hedman said. ?But the dance is actually very physical and involves a lot of dance moves. I?m eager to see the audience?s reaction.?

    After graduation, Hedman said she plans to work as a dance faculty member at a school in Utah or Salt Lake Counties.

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