Folkdance tryouts set for tonight


    By Christopher Graham

    For students who want to join the International Folkdance Ensemble, tryouts will be held today at 6:30 p.m.

    These tryouts are open to all students, who are looking for an outlet apart from school. No previous dance experience or presentation is necessary.

    ?We need kids who are dedicated, who want to enlarge their education here at BYU,? said Delynne Peay, a dance instructor. ?We need students who want to make a lot of wonderful friends and learn a skill that can be continued on throughout their lives.?

    Although the women who try out will be held to a higher standard, Peay said men only require simple basic steps including rhythm, footwork ? knowing your right from your left ? and posture.

    ?A lot of guys we get have never had much dance experience, and so we teach them.? said Jeanette Geslison, another instructor in the program. ?A lot of boys are talented without them even knowing it.?

    Besides increasing individual talent, some of the classes count for credit. Those who participate this semester will take part in the Homecoming Parade and also be able to perform in the ?Christmas Around the World? program in December.

    Members of the Folk Dance Team have opportunities to travel if they join the Performing Arts Company and tour to foreign countries. The club has been used as a non-confrontational introduction to the gospel for many investigators of the church.

    ?Our students open doors and plant seeds with the people they meet,? Geslison said. ?A lot of non-members come to the shows that are really inspired by the spirit they feel. They see a special happiness projected from the students and they are very attracted to that.?

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