Professor wins research award


    By Melody Pettit

    The Women?s Research Institute awarded its second annual Distinguished Research Award to Martha Peacock, a BYU professor of art history.

    Peacock?s emphasis of study is 17th century Dutch art, specifically art about or made by women of that time period. She said she loves disproving the myth that women of the 17th century were suppressed and not important.

    ?It was an exciting time for women,? she said, ?There were many heroines of revolt. Women held a powerful and prominent role in the 17th century society as opposed to what many people think.?

    The award aims to recognize people who focus and draw attention to women?s needs and opportunities.

    ?This award is to help the community realize what is going on and to help spur more research on women,? said Rachel Murdock of the Women?s Research Institute.

    The award goes to individuals who have dedicated their life and studies to researching women.

    Peacock has been teaching art history at BYU for 18 years. She said she loves teaching art history at BYU and wouldn?t do anything else.

    Heather Jensen, a professor in the Art History Department, is proud of Peacock and said she thinks Peacock deserves the award.

    ?Martha has spent 20 plus years researching women in her field of study,? Jensen said. ?She is a very productive and enthusiastic researcher.?

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