Pope’s condition worsens


    By Eric McDonald

    Pope John Paul II suffered heart failure Friday and was reported to be in grave condition.

    Spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls reported the deteriorating condition of the pope to reporters at the Vatican. He said the pope?s heart stopped briefly during a urinary tract infection treatment. The pope?s condition stabilized soon afterward, and he was able to attend the 6 a.m. Mass, but he still prefers to stay in his apartment where he can view the thousands of pilgrims gathered at St. Peter?s Square to pray for him, rather than go to a hospital.

    ””The Holy Father is conscious, lucid, and serene,” Valls said in a prepared statement. The pope is being treated with antibiotics and using a feeding tube as well.

    The Pope is being assisted by his personal doctor Renato Buzzonetti, two intensive care specialists, a cardiologist, an ear, nose and throat specialist, and two nurses.

    The catholic.net website reported Pope John Paul II has suffered from Parkinson”s disease, a progressive neurological disorder that has weakened his once-strong frame and can make breathing, swallowing and speaking difficult.

    Local Catholic Church representatives do not expect the Pope to live long, and they encourage members to pray for the best.

    ?Pope John Paul II is probably our best advocate of all the popes for the anti-abortion, which is a significant cause to LDS people,? said Cedar Hills resident Paul McFate. ?We have found a good ally on that front in Pope John Paul II.?

    According to medical professionals, the pope is in his last hours

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