Sister Samuelson encourages students to add more quality time


    By Emilie Foss

    Sister Sharon Samuelson shared the importance of happiness in spending quality time together in marriage relationships.

    Sister Samuelson?s lecture, ?Making Time for Relationships,? was the final of the Women?s Services and Resources relationship lecture series.

    ?Satan is trying with all his might to destroy the family,? Sister Samuelson said. ?What better way for Satan to destroy the family than to destroy the relationship between husband and wife??

    Sister Samuelson quoted President Spencer W. Kimball saying, a couple must put forth great effort to make it successful.

    ?Almost all marriages could be beautiful and happy if the two people involved will determine that it must be, that it will be and that it should be,? quoted Sister Samuelson.

    Sister Samuelson said priorities must be established in order of family first, then the church and then business affairs.

    ?Those things which matter most must not be left to the mercy of those that matter least,? she said.

    She taught that it is better to have a reduced quantity of time with family, if it is quality.

    Some ideas she suggested for spending quality time together were eating lunch, evening walks, doing chores around the house, taking a religion class and traveling.

    She also suggested taking turns with friends to share babysitting so that each couple can go out on a weekly date.

    ?Many of the most quality times are spontaneous,? Sister Samuelson said. ?It may be when love and attention are most needed. Make quality time now.?

    Be happy and cheerful as much as you can, she said.

    She shared a personal experience of a time when she and her husband had little time together during the weekdays and she would look forward to the weekend to spend just a few minutes with him. By wishing the weekdays away, she realized an important part of her life was being wished away.

    ?I experienced an epiphany,? Sister Samuelson said of her experience. ?I realized I should savor each day I had. My attitude changed. I looked at the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. Don?t wish your days away make the most of them right now.?

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