Panel clears up Honor Code questions


    By Rachel Anderson

    Does the Honor Code still apply when I go to non-BYU approved housing? What is my responsibility to police the Honor Code?

    These are some of the questions that were asked at the Honor Code question and answer in the Wilkinson Student Center Thursday. The Honor Code panel emphasized personal responsibility in their answers to students over the low rumble of lunch conversations in the terrace.

    ?Just like the gospel, it?s really a matter of personal commitment,? said Steve Baker, director of the Honor Code Office.

    This commitment should be kept the entire time a student is enrolled at BYU, even when going on vacation or home for the summer, said Joe Miller, a Student Honor Association representative on the panel.

    ?I know it may not seem like it at BYU, but keeping the Honor Code helps us to stick out,? Miller said. ?It?s important that we stick out, even to our neighbors and our friends at home.?

    A principal concern of students was what they should do about people who don?t keep the Honor Code.

    ?Should I go up and ask a girl whose underwear is showing to change her clothing?? a student asked.

    ?There is a proper way to support each other that will always be appreciated,? Miller said.

    He shared a personal experience about a girl he once dated to support his answer. Miller felt uncomfortable dancing when his partner was dressed immodestly, so he talked to her about it.

    In keeping the Honor Code, Baker said to start with yourself and the people near you.

    ?Those in our immediate circle are the people you can most easily approach,? said Jessica Williams, another Student Honor Association representative. ?They know that you love them and you can help make changes in their life without being confrontational.?

    Previously, the focus of the student Honor Code organization was in policing the standards on campus. This changed with the creation of the current association eight years ago.

    ?Instead of bearing down on people to keep the Honor Code, the focus of the Student Honor Association is to help support each other in our commitment,? Miller said.

    Baker said the Honor Code?s role is to assist students to individually understand and live up to their commitments.

    ?The emphasis is on personal responsibility,? Miller said. ?President Samuelson encourages us to support each other in keeping Honor Code commitments. It?s a team effort ? students support other students, faculty support other faculty and their students.?

    Other questions addressed dress and grooming specifications, curfews, and the gospel principles that the Honor Code is derived from.

    Berlin Kowallis, representative from the Student Advisory Council that hosts the monthly Q & A?s, said she considered the Honor Code panel a big success.

    Q & A sessions will sometimes provoke unanswered questions that SAC will bring to the administration. But that was not the purposed of the Honor Code Q & A.

    ?The benefit was for student information,? Kowallis said. ?No question was unanswered.?

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