Candy gets canned in WSC


    By Rachel Anderson

    Roses. A card. A box of chocolates.

    A campus club offers a variation from the traditional Valentine?s Day gifts this week?putting them in a can.

    ?It?s something different, that?s for sure, to put your valentine in a can rather than a box,? said Jessica Malav?, the publicity coordinator for the BYU Food Science Club.

    The club will can almost anything a student comes prepared with.

    Of the assortment of options, which are typically candy, notes or stuffed animals, Malav? suggests cookies.

    ?They will be kept really fresh because they won?t be exposed to oxygen,” she said. “So they won?t get stale.”

    Despite the club?s willingness to can a variety of items, some things should not be canned.

    ?I wouldn?t recommend putting a ring in there ? although it did happen a few years ago,? Malav? said. ?People still talk about it.?

    The club will not sell items to go inside the can, but they will provide decorative supplies at the booth.

    ?It?s not just a can ? it?s a decorated can,? Malav? said. ?The extra step makes it cuter. Be creative and have fun with it.?

    The Food Science Club said they are excited about hosting this event as its annual fundraiser, and hope for a record year in profits. The novelty of canning is what attracts customers.

    ?I think a lot of people will do it because it?s new and it?s different,? said Vickie Yonashiro, a junior majoring in food science. ?I?m going to can for everyone, my friends, my family and my boyfriend. I think it?s romantic.?

    Yonashiro will be staffing the canning booth this week.

    ?I?ve never done it before,? she said. ?I will get ideas by seeing what other people bring.?

    The food science department secretary, Laurie Cazier plans on canning a valentine for her fianc?e.

    ?When you?ve known a person and have been dating for a while, you start running out of ideas,? she said. ?And who?s ever heard of a canned valentine? I was looking for something original.?

    Cazier said she will can little love notes, chocolates, and things she and her fianc?e share together.

    ?I think he will enjoy it,? Cazier said. ?We like to keep our relationship exciting.?

    The club will have a booth at the Wilkinson Student Center near the northeast bookstore entrance from 11 to 5 p.m. today, and will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for Valentine?s Day.

    The cost is $1 for a small 2 ? cup can, $2 for a medium 3 ? cup can and $3 for a large 12 cup can. Students should pay at the Information Center in the WSC, where they will receive a ticket to take to the canning booth.

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