Campus Police Beat


    Compiled by Andrew Damstedt


    A 19-year-old female student living in Deseret Towers has asked a male acquaintance she met online four years ago to leave her alone. She told University Police Jan. 17 he has continued to make contact with her.

    An out-of-state caller has been calling a 27-year-old female at Wyview Park and speaking inappropriately to her. She had not heard from him since last month but he called again on Jan. 17. The police called the number that he was calling from but it was disconnected.


    A $1,020 Sony Cybershot 5.1 Megapixel camera was reported missing from the Thomas House Jan. 18. The camera had been missing since Dec. 29.

    A department card was stolen from the Spencer W. Kimball Tower and used to make copies. A 22-year-old male student was apprehended and admitted to using the card.


    A student at Deseret Towers has been informed by University Police that he has to check in and out his firearms on campus.


    A 25-year-old male was stopped for a red light violation Jan. 17 by the stoplight near the Wilkinson Student Center. He had an outstanding warrant from Provo and was issued a citation for the traffic violation and released.


    An older male exposed himself to an 18-year-old female student Jan. 15 as she was walking on the east side of LaVell Edwards Stadium. The man was sitting on the grass as she was walking by; he said something and when she looked up he exposed himself. The suspect is described as a heavyset man wearing a light brown and maroon t-shirt, and blue jeans.


    A 1998 GMC Senoma pickup was stolen Jan. 15 after a 28-year-old male student went back into his apartment while he was defrosting the windows. The vehicle was stopped in Salt Lake City and an individual arrested for the theft.


    One or two males driving by in a car Jan. 15 used a paintball gun to shoot a BYU vehicle. The pellet hit the left front fender of the vehicle.

    Two visitors were riding their bikes Jan. 14 on campus by the Marriott Center when a passenger in the front seat of a car shot a paintball gun that struck one of them in the abdomen. The visitors pursued the vehicle when it stopped at a stop sign on 1430 N when the passenger shot again and struck the same visitor in the upper left torso. The vehicle was a dark green and blue Volkswagen Jetta.

    Blue substance was found over a 22-year-old male?s car Jan. 9 and scratches in the rear corner.


    A 19-year-old female student was studying on the second floor of the Harold B. Lee Library when she left her backpack unattended for 10 minutes. The backpack was later found with everything in it except her wallet, which contained bankcards. The wallet was later found.

    An 18-year-old female student was working at a lab facility and set her purse on the counter, she left it for a few minutes and when she came back it was gone.

    A male student had miscellaneous CD?s worth $130 taken from his backpack Jan 11. He didn?t know where the theft exactly occurred but gave the Smith Fieldhouse, Tanner Building and HBLL as possible locations.

    Two 19-year-old female students had $140 stolen from their dorm room Jan. 14 at Snow Hall in Heritage Halls. They believe it was taken while they were at church and they don?t remember whether they left their door locked or not.

    A 19-year-old female student left her backpack unattended in the HBLL Jan. 11 and when she returned it was gone. The backpack was later found with everything in it except her BYU ID.


    A BYU female staff member is concerned that an individual is stalking her. She met him at a singles event and he became attached to her. She told him she did not want a relationship but he still pushes for one. The police are still investigating.

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