BYU women crush Pilots in first roadie


    By Katherine Gholson

    In its first road game of the season, the BYU women”s basketball team crushed the Portland Pilots 70-35 on Tuesday night.

    “The best part about the game was that we held them to 35,” head coach Jeff Judkins said.

    Judkins also said this was the best defensive effort he has seen since he started coaching at BYU.

    Julie Sullivan led the Cougars in scoring with 11 points. Sullivan also added a Cougar-high six rebounds.

    BYU led the whole game. At the half they led by 12 points, and in the second half, the onslaught continued as BYU scored 41 to the Pilots” 18.

    Because of the lopsided game, everyone on the BYU team had an opportunity to play. The bench contributed 40 points.

    The freshmen gave good efforts with Lauren Riley scoring a season high of 10 points followed by Mary Martha Abell scoring eight.

    Center Ashlee Orndorff led the Pilots in scoring with 13 and added three blocks.

    Last year, a big problem for the women”s team was fouling. In this game, the Cougars showed progress, recording only nine fouls.

    “Last year we fouled more than any team in the league,” Judkins said. “This game they never got into bonus. That shows a huge improvement.”

    Showing the improvement on fouls contributed to the win, but Judkins said turnovers will be what the Cougars work on for the next game after BYU had 22 in the game.

    “All the turnovers were not from defensive pressure, they were our fault,” Judkins said.

    This win makes the Cougars 3-1 in the young season. The women will try to improve that in their next game, on Monday, Dec. 6, as they take on George Washington University at 5:30 p.m. at the Marriott Center.

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