Whalen pleads guilty to class-A misdemeanors


    By Clifton Kelly

    A robbery charge was dropped against former BYU football player Marcus Whalen through a plea bargain in an arraignment hearing Wednesday. Whalen pleaded guilty to charges of simple assault and providing false statements to police.

    “It”s my best interest [to plead guilty],” Whalen said after the arraignment. “I”m in the situation now where I just want to get this over with. There are probably other things I could have done to stop the event and that”s why I pleaded guilty.”

    Whalen said he felt good about the plea-bargain.

    “I feel good. I”m excited that it got to this point now and that it”s almost over so I feel good,” he said.

    Whalen”s sentencing hearing will be on Nov. 17 at the Fourth District Courthouse.

    Simple assault and false statements to police are both class-A misdemeanors. Judge Lynn Davis also ordered Whalen to pay a restitution fee of $258 to the victim.

    Danny Frazier, counsel for former BYU wide receiver Breyon Jones, did now show up to the arraignment hearing. Jones asked Davis for continuation of the arraignment, which will also be Nov. 17.

    Both Whalen and Jones were suspended from BYU until January 2005 for assaulting and robbing a mutual acquaintance in early April. Jones is currently attending Utah Valley State College and hopes to play football next season. Whalen was recruited to play at Southern Utah University this season, but NCAA prohibits players to transfer when they are suspended from another school. Whalen”s eligibility expires this season.

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