Grad research projects hit WSC


    By Darien Carroll

    The top 20 Student-Mentored Learning research projects are being presented today from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Wilkinson Student Center Garden Court.

    All students are invited to attend the presentation, which is sponsored by the Office of Research and Creative Activities.

    ?It?s a chance to learn from the best,? said Tyler Jennings, Student-Mentored Learning committee chair. ?These students who have come to showcase have already gone through all of the challenges of carrying out a project, and you can take their experience to help your own project.?

    Student-Mentored Learning is an opportunity for students to participate in graduate research at an undergraduate level. The program is designed to fund students who work directly with their teachers.

    ?We want to show the students how an under-graduate creative research project can help accelerate their entire life,? said Matt Maddox, ORCA grants administrator.

    ORCA is responsible for distributing funds to students who apply for Student-Mentored Learning grants.

    The President?s Leadership Council, which is responsible for a majority of the funding used for Student-Mentored Learning and other organizations across campus, will also be in attendance to examine the student displays.

    ?By presenting to this group it will increase opportunities to get more funds to research even more throughout the university,? Jennings said.

    The presenting students said they are excited to display their projects for the group that has made their research possible.

    ?It is important so they can see the different types of things that are going on at BYU,? said Seth Reynolds, a senior, who will be presenting his project today. ?A lot of times you hear about sports but not always the academic side of things that are going on.?

    Reynolds is a Latin major working on the BYU Herculaneum Papyrus Project. Last year, he traveled to Naples to help digitize documents only found in that area, which he made available across the world.

    Four students, who have graduated from BYU and are furthering their education elsewhere, will also be presenting to the President?s Leadership Council.

    ?The whole thing is for them [the President?s Leadership Council],? Maddox said. ?To show them what their support has done and what it has meant for the life of these students.?

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