Divine Comedy parody ads as popular as the shows


    By Tiffany Bird

    Playing off of M. Night Shyamalan”s “The Village,” Divine Comedy presents their first show of the year, “The Bubble.”

    Known for their parody of popular movies, Divine Comedy thought “The Bubble” would be perfect for the first show with Halloween coming up, said Joel Hilton, a member of Divine Comedy since fall 2003.

    The theme is usually centered around a popular movie at the time of the show.

    “What happens is we come in at the beginning of a show and we have our brainstorming session,” said Peyton Buhler, president of Divine Comedy. “There”s usually one skit that stands out among others and is a little bit longer and more complex, and it usually is a movie parody. We didn”t really do that until Lord of the Rings came out.”

    Past movie parodies include “Lord of the Engagement Ring,” “CTR Wars,” “Zoobies” and “Pirates of the Cougareat.”

    Along with each movie parody, Buhler spends hours making the movie poster for advertising of the show. The posters are usually similar to the original movie posters.

    “”Lord of the Ring” was the first time we did themed advertising,” Buhler said. “Since then it sort of became the standard to have these very elaborate movie posters a parody advertisement and have some sort of spoof.”

    With the popularity of the comedy troupe and the humorous advertisements, the movie posters have been a hot item.

    Buhler said four or five large movie posters hanging on the walls of the Wilkinson Center have been stolen.

    “The Bubble” movie poster was stolen sometime during this past weekend.

    The poster sizes are usually 3-by-9 feet or 5-by-3 feet and costs between $65-$130 each. Not to mention the hours put into designing and printing each poster.

    Although the motive in the theft was never discovered, members of Divine Comedy suspected it was fans who wanted to hang the poster in their apartment.

    Many fans enjoy Divine Comedy”s mock movie ads in the newspaper.

    “I clipped out the one from last year, ”The Pirates of the Cougareat,”” said Tara Osborn, a senior from West Jordan majoring in history teaching. “I clipped it out because I love Divine Comedy, and I thought it was funny. And I love ”Pirates of the Caribbean.””

    Osborn has the ad hanging on her closet door in her apartment.

    “They make it look so real,” Osborn said. “You can tell that they actually put a lot of work into them.”

    Even with theft, the shows will still goes on.

    Members of Divine Comedy are ahead of schedule and excited about the first show.

    “I could hardly contain the excitement, it”s oozing out of my pores,” said Alex Kirry, a member of Divine Comedy. “That could just be sweat, though.”

    Tickets for “The Bubble” are for sale at the Wilkinson Center Information Desk this week for the Oct. 8-9 shows.

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