Priesthood Quorums: A brotherhood of service


    By Heather Bowser

    *Saturday Afternoon Session

    Elder L. Tom Perry counseled new apostles and Priesthood quorums around the globe to be a class, a brotherhood and a service unit.

    Elder Perry encouraged Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf and Elder David A. Bednar, the two new apostles, to take full advantage of their apostolic quorum.

    ?The greatest blessing is belonging to a Priesthood quorum,? he said. ?For you two new brethren, you will have a new understanding to what it means to belong to a quorum. I wish that feeling could be transmitted to every quorum in the church.?

    Elder Perry suggested each new apostle, and all other Priesthood quorums, study doctrines of the kingdom as the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles do.

    ?Make your quorum a class of the gospel of our Lord and Savior,? he said. ?Just imagine a class being taught by Elder Haight and Elder Maxwell!?

    Not only should each quorum be a source of education, but a sense of brotherhood should permeate Priesthood quorums around the world.

    Elder Perry also said members should lift and inspire priesthood brethren who may be in need temporally, physically or spiritually.

    ?In the twelve, when one member is somehow burdened, eleven others are there to weep together,? he said. ?We never feel we face problem alone.

    Elder Perry encouraged all Priesthood members to serve one another and the community.

    ?Make your quorums a work of service,? he said. ?Act in the office in which he is appointed in all diligence. Our responsibility is great and we should humble ourselves before the lord.?

    He told of the early days of the church and physical hardships the previous apostles faced. He described Brigham Young?s journey to a mission in England despite his illness.

    ?The conditions we meet are different than that of the early brethren, but our assignment same,? he said. ?Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost. Teach them all things what so ever I say unto you.??

    As a special witness of Jesus Christ in all the world, Elder Perry concluded his testimony with a warning to the priesthood.

    ?There never was a time when the work of God required more faith and testimony from the apostles and elders of today.?

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