Forgiving and returning to the gospel


    By Annie Reynolds

    Ned B. Roueche”, of the Quorum of the Seventy, spoke of returning to the gospel, forgiveness and bringing others to the knowledge of the gospel.

    Addressing those who have fallen away from the gospel, Roueche” said, “It takes courage to come back when you”ve gotten off the Savior”s path, but I promise that when you take the necessary steps there will be many who will rejoice with you. ”

    “Sometimes we lose our focus and drift away,” Roueche” said. “It all ends in the same, we fail to obtain the blessings.”

    He told the story of finding a young man in a branch that he was serving who had fallen away.

    “We visited him and invited him to come to the meetings,” Roueche” said.

    The deacon began coming to sacrament meeting, but didn”t come in the correct attire or even clean-shaven. Once he was taught to come properly dressed and clean, he could pass the sacrament.

    As Roueche” left the branch, the young man embraced him, thanking Roueche” for coming to help change his life.

    “There is a flame of desire for good deep within each of us,” Roueche” said. “When that flame is fed with good, it will grow stronger and brighter. [The flame] must be kindled by love and tender care.”

    Roueche” also advised those attending conference to forgive and to not take offense.

    “Forgiveness is a key part in our return to happiness in our Father”s Kingdom,” Roueche” said. “At one time or another we may be offended, but we should not let this keep us from returning to our Heavenly Father.”

    Quoting scripture, Roueche” said, “I the Lord will forgive who I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.”

    Roueche” said when we follow this council we can overcome the toughest of trials.

    Roueche” said, the good shepherd calls, and if they hearken to his voice he will bring them into his fold and they are his sheep.

    Roueche” advised, “He knows you and knows your needs, he has a perfect understanding of the feelings and trials of each one of us.”

    Addressing active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Roueche said, “We must reach out to those that for some reason have forgotten the path. We all have a great responsibility that has been placed on our shoulders- feed my sheep.”

    In closing Roueche” reminded the audience of family, friends and acquaintances that don”t have the gospel.

    “Ask Heavenly Father what you can do. Heavenly Father will guide you. Search them out and let them feel your love and you”re your testimony.”

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